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Hey loves welcome back. I'm sorry for being so late with yesterday's post. I am struggling with time management. I can't seem to perfectly balance work, blogging, youtubing, and family time. But I am working on getting it all together.  If you follow me on Instagram you might know that my sister came to visit from Florida. On her last day here, we went to a dance concert at Lincoln Center (See Monday's Post). She basically wore all of her outfits by the last, so she asked me to style her for the event.

I found this basic white buttoned up blouse in her suitcase. I started from there and built the whole outfit around it. I then found the faux leather skirt. It was a little chilli outside so I added the tights. I felt like the outfit was missing something. I added this blazer because I felt that it was structured to compliment the leather skirt. It also had a little bit of faux leather detail near the shoulder which tied the whole look together. When I added the blazer the blouse looked weird because the blazer doesn't have a formal collar. So I added the necklace to give a more round appearance to the blouse. She had on her pearls so we left it on as it worked perfectly with the outfit. Lastly, I added the brown booties to add a bit of contrast.

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