Comme Les Francais

Photography: Rose Lazard

Cloche Hat: Aldo (Similar)
Cape Jacket: H&M (Similar)

Pants: Zara (Similar)

Shoes: Zara (Similar)

Happy Monday!!!

Welcome back and thanks for stopping by. It's story telling time! Growing up in Haiti, my grandma who raised us was very poor. My dad on the other hand was not so poor but he spent most of his time and money either on his other children as he would explain to my grandma or on the newest younger woman he was dealing with. Around the holidays, most children usually get new clothes. Thinking about it, that is an interesting fact because in America children usually get toys here around the holidays.

My grandma usually made our clothes because she is a talented designer/couturiere but most importantly because it cost her close to nothing to do it. She drew inspiration from old french catalogues. "Comme Les Francais", the title of this post means, like the French. Haitian Fashion and style is deeply rooted in French and African culture. I call it, Afrofrenchic. Guess that explains my love for French style hats, whites and neutrals

Thank you so much for stopping by. See you soon!