Meeting Usher

Hey loves!!!! Welcome back to I'm so excited to share another post with you. My baby sister is visiting from Florida and I took her to the wax Museum last night (Madame Thussaud). I am sharing my outfit and a few silly pictures with you. Hope you are having an amazing Mother's Day weekend. Happy Mother's Day to all of my mommy readers.

In this outfit, I am once again carrying my Calvin Klein satchel with a very basic outfit. The silk-like pants I am wearing are from the H&M conscious collection. I love them, they are super soft and comfortable. And girl, they hug that bootay like no other, lol. My crop top is from XXI as well as my head band and necklace. Earrings are from Aldo and finally my shoes are from Rainbow.

Thx for stopping by!!!

See you in the next post,
Au revoir!!!

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