The Classic Jumpsuit and Why I Love Zara Sales


Hey Loves,

How is your week going? One more day till Fiyay!!! Since today's outfit is so basic, thought I'd share with you why I love Zara sales so much. When it comes to classic and staple pieces, Zara got it!! Being able to buy staple pieces at a discounted price is freakin' awesome!! I'm talking about genuine leather at $20, suede items, wool pants, you name it Zara got it on Sale. I remember buying this jumpsuit 2 summers ago (See Here or Here). It was, $29. I've worn this jumpsuit every summer from the first time I bought it. This jumpsuit is just one of many examples.

Their biggest sales run twice a year. The summer sale usually starts in July and runs until all sales items are sold. The winter sale usually starts around December. There is also a little trick to the sale - when the sale begins the prices are sometimes still high but as the sale progresses the prices go down to about 70%. I don't usually like to shop when the sale starts. I usually wait a few weeks.

Hope you found this post helpful. See you soon.


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