Cause I'm Happy | Beach Diaries

 Happy Friyay!!! Yes I am singing the happy song, cause it's Friday!
  The beach also makes me happy. It might be because I'm an Island Girl. 
 The first house my parents lived in Haiti was literally on the beach.
 Even when we moved away from the beach my dad always went to the beach on Sundays!
I think my dad is a pro swimmer but the sad thing is that he never thought us how to swim.
Living in NY where we basically have 9 months of cold weather, going to the beach is almost a luxury here. When NYCers finally get to go to the beach, we all come out. The beach end up being very crowded and filthy. This year I was on a mission to find a clean beach that is not crowded. I found a Beach in East Hampton called Main Beach but it is over two hours away from where I live and over three hours on the train. I was determined to go on the journey but had no one to go with me. I finally decided that I'd go by myself but I kept pushing the date and quickly realized that I was not motivated to go alone.

My lovely friend Rose (Dadouchic) told me that she was going to a beautiful beach that is a bit closer than the one I wanted to go to and suggested that I joined her. I was super excited to go!! I had a lovely day. This beach has a beautiful hut with food, music and 2 bars. It felt like I was on vacation somewhere on an Island far away from NY. The only reminder that I was in NY was the fact that the ocean water was so cold.

Wish I took photos of the whole experience to show you guys but I was so busy enjoying that I forgot to do so. I would definitely recommend this place to all of you guys and will definitely go back every summer.

Thanks for stopping by. See you soon.


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