Summer Style Favorites

Good morning loves,

Happy weekend!!! I am sharing my favorite pieces for the summer. I couldn't find all of them online but I found some items that are pretty close. 


This little bag has been on heavy rotation ever since I got it because it goes well with everything. I scored it for $19.99 at an Urban Outfitters Sale. But they are selling it online for $49. If you're interested in getting this bag, I would recommend that you visit a local Urban Outfitters because it is cheaper in stores than it is online. I wouldn't recommend you spending $49 on it because the buckle has been acting a little weird - nothing major. I also saw other people complain about it on the reviews. At $19.99, it's totally worth it!!! 


I received a lot of compliments on this watch. I got it at Forever 21 for $19.99. I wear it almost every day and the gold is starting to fade already. I also have to add that I accidentally dipped it in the pool twice. The thing about watches is that they all fade, even my Michael Kors watches. I like to wear cheap ones for every day wear.


I got this pair of sandals last summer on sale at Macy's. I love them so much. Because of the chunky heel, they are easy to walk in. I was surprised to find them online at for $26. I think, it's definitely worth it! I've been rocking mine for 2 summers!!! 


I was not able to find this pair online so I am sharing a pair that I think is very similar. This one looks more comfortable than the one that I have. I think these shoes would go well with everything!


Sometimes when I put an outfit together, I feel like it's missing something. The first thing I would do is pop on a pair of sunglasses. I have been grabbing my forever 21 round pair of sunglasses so much that I decided to invest in the Ray Ban Clubmaster. The one from Forever 21 was $5.99 and it broke after two weeks.


This bag goes well with everything. It is from Zara's new collection and it's only $39.90. It looks and feels like real leather. Love the fact that it stays in shape even when it's empty. I think that it will also come in handy for the fall. 


I love white nail polish for summer. I find that I like the OPI one better. I tried one from Essie and I didn't like it. Lately, I've only been wearing polish on my toes and leave my finger nails bare. I do not have the time to cater to my finger nails as they tend to chip faster than toe nails.


I got these cuffs from H&M and I wear them everyday. The color has been holding up pretty well. I am very impressed!


Finally this tan watch that I got from Forever 21. I got it to go with my other tan/cognac-ish accessories. It's not very sturdy, I just take extra good care of it.

Thanks for stopping by. This is my first official favorites post, how did I do?

Have a lovely weekend,

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