The Butcher's Daughter

Happy Friyay!!!

I am sharing this outfit that I wore 2 Fridays ago to brunch at The Butcher's Daughter with one of my girls from youtube. This outfit is basically the idea as this outfit or that one. When I find a look that works I stick to it and create a few variations around the same idea. I have nothing else to say about the outfit.

About the Butcher's Daughter - it's one of those restaurants that I found on Instagram. I was super excited to go there because the lighting looked perfect in pictures and they had a lot of avocado in their menu. I love avocado, I eat it with everything. So I thought perfect Instagram pictures and avocados - I'll give it a shot. I got a smashed avocado toast and a late. The food was ok, nothing extraordinary but service was really bad. It felt like they just ignored us. We ordered our food and we were chatting for about 30 minutes, no food and no waiter checking on us. I asked the waitress for the food. She mumbled let me check on it as she walks away. She came back and said that the reason why we had to wait was because we ordered from the breakfast menu. First of all, if that was the case a good waiter would mention it while taking the order.

I would not recommend this place to anyone. But the Instagram pictures were perfect even the selfies looked like they had a filter on them straight from the phone, no editing or anything.

As I transition into turning this blog into a full-time thing. I plan to do restaurant and other lifestyle reviews. Let me know if this is something you are interested in.

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Have a great weekend,