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Dress: Salvation Army (Astoria Queens)

Crossbody Bag: Zara

Strappy Sandals: Just Fab

Hey loves,

Welcome back. Happy hump day!!! You guys know I am a bargain shopper. I am also a die hard thrifter. I love finding great pieces at the thrift store that I won't find in stores.

This dress right here is one of my favorite finds. It's right up there next to my Zara Camel coat and the Vera Wang coat that I scored at Goodwill last year. Last month, I went back to Astoria to check out my favorite goodwill and it was permanently closed (Inset Tears)! On the next block, there is a Salvation Army, I decided to walk over and check it out in an attempt to console myself! I ended up scoring this dress, a 70s inspired two piece set and a jumpsuit.

I'm currently on a hunt for my next favorite goodwill. Hope I find it soon! Please share with me your favorite goodwill in the city if you have one. Thanks in advance.


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