Post Labor Day White for #NYFW #SS15 #MBFW

Hey Loves welcome back. Sorry I was not able to post yesterday because of some technical difficulties. I bought my first Mac computer ever and I spent the last couple of days trying to figure out basic photo and Movie editing for the blog. It was all worth it. Look at how beautiful my photos look, Ha (In Love).

I was going to attend a couple of other shows and NYFW events and I planned to rock this outfit. I have been feeling compelled to perfect my craft so I decided that I would spend my time after work learning my new computer instead of attend events. Fashion week has been around way before I was born and it will be around for many years to come. I feel that I will have enough time in my days on the face of the earth  to attend Fashion Week events.

For some odd reason, I cannot seem to stay away from White. It is my absolute favorite color - Expect to see more post labor whites on this blog, even in the winter. In this outfit I am wearing white trousers and court shoes from Zara, crop top from Necessary Clothing, and Hat from H&M. (SHOP HERE: Hat)

Thanks for stopping by.
See you tomorrow!!

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