#Aruba Diary | The Flying Fishbone

Where do I begin? It's only right that I start with the best food on the whole Island. I'm talking about the Flying Fishbone. Oh my goodness!!!! (With the deepest Haitian accent). The ambiance, view and food made me feel like I was in paradise. Some of the tables are seated in the water, some are placed in the sand, others are in this wooded floor that I do not know how to describe but once you walk in it's like you're entering a hidden exotic spa, that's the best description I can come up with. They also had tables set up in the roof deck. They had these lights that reflect in the water. The sound of calm waves and soothing music make the setting perfect for relaxation and romance.

 I wore a little white romper from Necessary clothing with sky high heels that I did not need because once you get in they have every one take off their shoes.

 Let's talk about this White Chocalate Martini. Actually I really do not have any words to describe this drink because it is heaven sent. If you know me personally, you know that I love White Chocolate.

Let's talk about the food. Oh my goodness - the best on the island. My boyfriend had the short ribs from the menu. It was the best rib, he ever had. I always taste his food we dine out. The meat melted in my mouth. They had some exotic spice on the meat. Again, I do not know how to describe taste but Boy, Oh boy - that food was amazing. Sea food is my favorite with lobster on top of the list followed by shrimp and salmon. The blend of spice and vegetable that they served with my half lobster and half shrimp meal was divine. 

 As you can see from my vlog, I spent a lot of my time in swimwear but I kept all of my outfits simple and included some type palm tree and/or exotic print in each outfit.

Finally, all of my swimwear were from Topshop. (SHOP HERE)

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See you soon! Au-revoir!!!

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