Altuzarra X Target & Net - A - Porter Essential Pieces | What to Buy

Altuzarra X Target & Net - A - Porter Essential Pieces | What to Buy

Hey loves welcome back. I know most of my fashionistas out there are excited for the launch of Joseph Altuzarra's collection for Target and Net-A-Porter tomorrow morning. I decided to put a set of essential pieces that I believe every woman should have in her closet.

The Little Black Dress - I love this one because it puts an elegant twist to the LBD with the gold swan appliqué detail on the shoulder. It also has an adrogynous feel to it because of the satin trimmed lapel collar. The semi high slit brings femininity back to the dress. This dress is for a very confident and powerful woman. I absolutely love it. Altuzarra said, "I want my clothes to speak to a mature woman." I feel that this dress embodies the whole collection, "MATURE."

The Black Suit - Every woman needs a black suit in her closet even if she does not work in a corporate environment. Nothing screams, confident, powerful and mature better than a black suit. If you already have your ultimate black suit, I would suggest that you at least get the blazer. If you're more of a casual / dressed down type of fashionista you can definitely dress your suit down with a pair of Birkenstock or converse.

The Velvet Suit - This suit is a personal favorite of mine. The color is perfect for the upcoming holiday season. I also think that it is perfect for industry events like Fashion week. I really hope I find my size, crossing my fingers1 Lol..

The Fur Coat - Faux fur that is :),  unless your name is Beyonce or Oprah or some rich woman out there. Hope I did not offend any animal lovers out there. I feel that the only way to look fashionable in below zero weather is in a fur and/or faux-fur coat, paired with big black sunglasses and (Snap, snap, snap) FIERCE! I've been on the hunt for the perfect black faux-fur coat for a long time. This one is perfect.

The Wide Black Belt - Every woman needs a wide black belt in her wardrobe to sinch in her waist.

The Over the Knee Boots - Over the knee boots are winter must haves. Just like the faux-fur coat, I feel that the only way (for Heels Lovers) to look fashionable in below zero weather is in a pair of over the knee boots.

The Black Pumps: Every woman needs a pair of black pumps in her closet. I love the fact that this one is not too high which means it will most likely be confortable.This pair is perfect for work and play. Simply put the front is work and the back is play.

The Black Bootie: The black bootie is not a definite must have but it is a classic piece that's why I added it last.

Hope you find this post helpful. See you very soon in my next post.

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