Msnerdychica in the City | Empire Hotel Rooftop

Hey loves welcome back! I am going to be taking you all along with me to different activities/events that I get to attend in a series of posts called "Msnerdychica in the City." This is going to be perfect for my New York readers who want to try doing different things in the city and also for my readers who come here to visit. I like cozy and luxurious spots that won't break the bank with an upscale crowd. I don't want to ever feel overdressed for the places I go so I choose places that will match my outfits, lmao - that was a joke!!!! Or was it? Haha, I got you got you got you! Didn't I?

The environment was very luxurious with breathtaking views of the city and Lincoln Center at night. The food was amazing. Keep in mind that when you go fancy places like this they will not give you an enormous amount of food. So if you are hungry, make sure you eat before you come to the Empire Hotel Rooftop. I ordered Lobster Rolls from the menu which to my surprise came with french fries. I am a sea food junky and lobster fanatic so expect a lot of seafood in this series. The fries and lobster rolls were soooooo gooooooooood! I ordered Swine Candy because of the name and it was the sweetest bacon I've ever had. Oh my!!! Finally for my drink, I ordered Two One Two, again for the name and it was ok. I am not a drinks type of person, I feel like most cocktails taste the same anyways.

You guys have probably seen this jumpsuit before. I wore it in one of my summer posts last year. I throw it on when I want to look effortlessly chic. I added my nude pair of Zara strappy sandals, a couple of gold accessories here and there. I really wore this jumpsuit today just so I can take my new Kate Spade NY handbag for a spin out in the city, lol...

Hope you all enjoyed this post! Let me know if I should make more of these posts in the comments and also leave suggestions of places you think I should try.

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