It's the Remix

Hey loves welcome back. Do you remember my Memorial Day post? This is the outfit that I wanted to wear on memorial day. It was too dressy for what I was doing that day so I decided to dress it down with a pair of white ripped high waisted pants. I absolutely love matching separate sets because they remind me of my childhood. My grandma used to make them for my sister and I when we were younger. In Haiti we call them "complet" which could be a word for word translation for complete (Complete set/complete outfit?). The thing that I love about complete sets like this is than you do not have to worry about to much, just add a nice pair of shoes that'll compelement your look, a few accessories here and there, and you're ready to go.

My "complet" is from Zara.  My shoes and my glasses are from XXI. The box clutch is from Necessary Clothing. Lastly my accessories are from Hennes & Mauritz :).

Thanks for reading.
Hope to see you in the next post.
Au-revoir ✌️!

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