Lady in Black

Hey loves welcome back to the 2nd installment of our little editorial series!!!
When I saw this dress at H&M, I automatically thought "easy to photograph" because it's black, right. Wrong!! 
                       We took a few photos at the Vineyard and I was not feeling them!
My friend Rose (DADOUCHIC) who takes my photos suggested that I kept the outfit on for our next stop, the beach.
 I was so disappointed in the outfit that I started to slip something else on in the car as we drove to the beach (sneaky little lady).

 When we arrived at the beach Rose convinced me to try it at the new location and I was not happy with the photos. Sometimes, the outfit that you really believe in does not translate in photos.


It happens every now and again, but this time, I decided to keep the photos. Something about the sun light hitting the right places would not allow me to delete them. When, I started to play around with some editorial editing techniques, I thought, hey this is not bad at all. If worst came to worst I could have made it black and white and it wouldn't be bad. After all I am happy with the photos.

Hope you like the photos as much as I do. Thank you so much for stopping by again. See you tomorrow!