Summer Layers

Images: Dadouchic
 White Crop Top: Forever 21 | White Cami: H&M
 Cognac Suede Shorts: H&M
 Cognac Lace up Sandals: Zara

Hey loves,

Welcome back. Summer is slowly creeping up on us and I am super excited!!!! It's supposed to be 91 degrees today. I live in NY and in NY Summer is not Summer like it is Florida or LA. We get days when it is extremely warm but for the most part the weather is usually comfortable and I am able to layer. I layered this 70s inspired H&M cami with a crop top from forever 21. This layering trick will instantly make you appear taller. You guys know that I am 5'3 and I like to appear taller in photos. I don't hate my height or myself, it's just a preference. I just like the look.

Hope you like this outfit. If you try this little layering trick let me know how it turns out for you. See you tomorrow in a new post.


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