Like A Boss

 Photography: Rose Lazard

Freshman year in College, my Intro to Paralegal professor gave the class an awesome piece of advice, "Always dress for the job you want."
Some of you might know that I am a Paralegal by  profession/training and I aspire to be a Sports and Entertainment Attorney but I have not worked as a Paralegal and/or in my field for a little over two years now.
The last time I worked as a Paralegal was in 2012, around the time I discovered youtube, blogger and this whole world of the internets. I kind of lost the pep in my steps in the past two years as my current job does not require an office attire. I also sort of lost my drive and desire to continue with my dream of becoming an attorney.
I thank God for giving me the courage to snap out of my funk and continue to pursue my dreams. One thing that is definitely helping me to continue to push on this journey has been dressing the way I used to dress when I worked with attorneys, elected officials and high level executives.
This cliche belief worked for me in the past. I remember my senior year in High School, I was not sure if I was going to go to College because I was a 17 years old teenager who just landed in American 2 years prior living with my immigrant aunt who did not know the American education system. When I presented her with my college and fafsa applications to sign, she declined saying that "I will not sign for your student loan" thinking that the FAFSA was a student loan application. Not knowing any better myself, I thought there was no way I was going to go to College. I would watch college girls during my commute to school and I started to dress like them. Everything slowly started to fall into place, turned out I needed my dad's signature on the FAFSA even though he lived in Haiti and next thing I know, I was a college girl!!!
Here I am again telling the universe, "Hey universe, I am dressing like an attorney!!!! Make it happen." :)

Pants (H&M)
Blazer (H&M)
Blouse (H&M)
Heels (Zara)

THANKS FOR STOPPING BY!!! See you soon. Au-revoir!

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