Body Image | Being Bullied

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Hey Loves, welcome back. There I go again with another personal post on this Wednesday!! How is your week going so far? Hope you had an awesome day and are excited for the weekend that is quickly approaching!!!

I believe that we've all been bullied at one point or another on this journey called life. Growing up in Haiti, I used to get teased about 2 main things: my teeth and my body. The used to call me "Bouda Plat" which means "flat ass." Body image is a huge thing in Haiti if not the whole Caribbean.  Caribbeans have been obsessed with the big booty phenomenon for ages now. 

As far as I can remember, my sister and I have always been skinny. In our early teenage years, our grandma would buy us pills that would helps us gain weight. As a teenager, I gained this unproportionate body weight out of nowhere. My stomach was huge and my back side was flat. For years I heard the sound of sweet music from the mouth of my school mates, "bouda plat." 

When I came back to the states, I enrolled in Gym in High school and I quickly started to loose the weight. All of a sudden now, I was getting positive feedback regarding my body. I could never get used to it. At some point I decided that embracing my new found body meant flaunting it with everything that I wear. 

For the longest, I would only buy/wear tight clothes. As I grow older in my twenties, I realize that I can embrace my body without having to flaunt it all the time. Realising this really gave me a chance to play more with my style and really discover what my personal style is. 

Hope you enjoyed reading my story. Have you been bullied? What's your story? How did it impact your life?

See you very soon in another post.

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