It Was All a Dream

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Hey loves,

Welcome back!!! I apologize for this photo heavy post but I couldn't help it. I had so much fun shooting and we ended up with so many great shots that I wanted to share all of them with you. If you're a blogger you know that we usually have to go through multiple shots in order to find at least 5 good ones for a post.

Despite being sick all week and thoughts of cancelling this shoot, I met up with my friend Rose twice last week to shoot for the blog. I used to dream of taking dreamy pictures for the blog because those types of images do something unexplainable to me. I wanted my readers to experience the same feeling when they look at my images. It's amazing what social media can do. I used to see people form real life friendships through social media and thought that's desperate. BOY, was I wrong! I met some amazing people in my short time on social media and made some friends. My friend Samore from Youtube and now Rose, the photographer taking all of my dreamy photographs.

As small as the dream of dreamy photographs for the blog may have been, it is proof that dreams do come true - no matter how big or small. DREAM ON my loves!!!! Let no one stop you from dreaming. Some say, "the sky is the limit." I say DREAM past the sky. DREAM the "impossible" and watch it turn into POSSIBLE.

Can't wait to see you all on Wednesday for the next post.
Have an amazing week.