Back to the Basics

Hey loves I'm back sharing an outfit I wore to run a few errands a week or 2 ago. The jacket that I am wearing is one of those pieces that I always wanted since I was younger (High School days) but never got to purchase it for some unknown reason. I finally found this one at Necessary Clothing for $12.99. I created the whole outfit around it using a basic white tee and this silver-ish denim pants. I added the pants as a statement piece because I felt that the outfit was basic and plain. Kept the jewelry very simple and basic. These aviator glasses are my new best friends! When I'm running out and I look tired/sleepy and I don't have the time to do my eye makeup. I just throw them on and BAM!! I'm out, lol

Tee: Zara, Jewelry: H&M, Shoes: BCBG, Bag: Michael Kors, Pants: Conway

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