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Hey Fashionistas Welcome Back!!!

Today's post is all about my H&M Faux Fur coat that I picked up in the Fall for either $30 or $35 bucks. I've been on a hunt for the perfect Faux Fur coat for a while before I found her. But I did not want to spend too much on it. I gave myself a $50 budget for the perfect Faux Fur Coat. This coat has been everything to me this winter season. I honestly did not expect much from a $30 Faux Fur Coat. I got it for the love of Fashion and I planned to wear it when the weather was pleasant not freezing cold. Boy was I wrong! This is the coat that I've been wearing when it's below zero here in NY. It keeps me soooooo warm.

This outfit is an impromptu outfit. The outfit I planned shoot was initially this gorgeous skirt that I picked up from the #zarasale for $20 paired with the fun white blouse that is picking through the coat with the same bag and shoes minus the coat. I got carried away when I heard the weather was going to be 54 degrees in NY today but my grandma did not raise a fool, I brought the coat with me just in case. When I got outside it was really cold. I needed it. So I just threw it on. I bought these shoes from Zara last Spring and it has been seating in my closet since then. When I got the Michael Kors Hamilton bag that I am carrying, I instantly thought it would complement the shoes and was anxious to create an outfit with them. I just added my Michael Kors Rose Gold watch and one ring as accessories.

Hope you enjoy!!!

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