The White Tuxedo | Office Party Outfit Idea

I am a huge advocate for working with what's already in your closet. I thought I'd share a quick way you can spice up of your work attire for an office holiday party. This off white Calvin Klein tuxedo is one of my favorites. I simply added this red skinny tie from H&M for a touch of festive.

 I kept the rest of the look simple with a pair of classic pointy toe pumps. I scored this tuxedo at a discount store in Brooklyn for about $40. If you live in NYC, I am sure you've probably seen little stores in some neighborhoods where they have a bunch of clothes outside on a rack with prices hand written on a piece of paper that reads $3.99 . One day I decided to venture inside one of them and the amount of brand new clothes that I found in there that I would typically find at Macy's was unbelievable.

Thank you so much for stopping by. Hope you are all having a fabulous party season!!!

See you soon,




  1. Your style is perfect for any office party and other corporate events as well. The color you choose is decent but also adds glamour to your look. Thanks for sharing it here I will definitely try this out for my next event.