On the Run

Hey loves welcome back!!!! Does anyone here work a regular nine to five while conducting some type of creative hustle on the side? As some of you may know that is the case for me. A lot of times, I find myself attending an event, workshop or meetup before or after my regular job. In those instances, I usually have to carry work related stuff as well as my camera, comfortable work shoes, makeup and other miscalenous stuff.

I find myself always going back to my coach borough bag on days when I have to go work and attend some events. This bag is stylish and practical at the same time. It is very spacious, I sometimes fit my macbook in there in addition to the aforementioned items. I love the fact that it features a few zippered compartments which means I can organize my belongings and won't have to look like a mad woman looking for stuff at an event or on the train, lol... The leather is buttery soft and the simple design and craftsmanship of the bag screams class and sophistication. I have seen it in black and also a tan/nude color so if you are not bold enough to go for the red you will definitely love the tan color. It is a splurge but it is so worth it. I bought this bag from Macy's on Sale last year. I  usually buy my designer bags from department stores like Macy's, TJ Maxx, Century 21, DSW, Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, etc.. Let me know if you would like to see an article on how to buy designer on a budget in the comments below.

I bought the vest from H&M and I have been wearing it casual with denim, etc.. I wanted to create a dressier look with it and thought why not try a buttoned up blouse and guess what... it worked!!!! I was going to tuck the blouse in the pants but felt that the pants made me look too short because of the way it is cut. I decided to let it hang loose to add a bit height illusion which also made the look more casual. I planned to wear my black pumps and thought why not just add red pumps since I had on red lips and was carrying a red bag.

Hope you enjoyed! See you very soon.
XOX - Au revoir!

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