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Today's post is all about my cowboy hat. Do any of you believe in #fashiondestiny? I do. Some days I wake up and all of my senses tell me to go to such and such store and when I listen to my senses and go, I find an item that I have been looking for. The other day I went to get my hair styled near a local shopping center. When I finished my senses told me to walk a different path from the path that would lead me home. I was wrestling a little bit with my senses. I was like should I go home or walk that path? I decided to listen and walked that path. I found a store called Conway it's  a chain store around NYC where they sell home goods and clothing for cheap. There was a sign on the store that reads, "BLOW OUT SALE!!! Everything 40-60% off". I really did not want to go in there then I remembered that I just bought new furniture to decorate my Co-op. I said let me see if I find any décor pieces for cheap. And you know once I walked in I went straight to the clothing section. I found the cowboy hat ($2.50) that I am rocking as well as the cardigan($3) and few other items.

As soon as I got home, I started to put outfits together with all of the pieces I found and this outfit was one of them. Since the crop top ($9.99 UO) and Disco pants ($95 AA) are overly sexy 😄 together. I added the long light weight cardigan to tone it all down and I added my new pointy toe heels from zara ($19.99 Bargain Alert)

Top: Urban Outfitters | Disco Pants: American Apparel | Cardigan: Conway | Hat: Conway | Heels:Zara
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